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Samtan Engineering Main Wireway Hanger Systems, such as those illustrated below, are currently supporting main cable runs aboard hundreds of Naval and commercial vessels around the world. The reasons for the popularity of these systems are simple; both the "Inverted T" and "Trapeze" mounting systems offer reduced weight, rapid installation, simplicity, and versatility to a modern shipbuilding industry focused on labor and procurement cost reduction.

Safety and durability are paramount considerations for any shipboard equipment. To that end, all Samtan Main Wireway assemblies and components are manufactured and tested in accordance with NAVSEA drawing 803-5001027 (Section 4) and have been successfully tested to MIL-S-901C (Grade A Shock) and MILSTD-167-1 (Type I Vibration).


inverted T mount

- Mounting Angles, Channels, and Crossbars (standard & over-and-under) are offered in 1" increments within the ranges shown (larger sizes are available on request) in mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. A variety of finishes is available for all components.

- Hangers ("Inverted T" & "Trapeze" styles) can be assembled in one- to five-tier configurations using standard 3/8"-16 bolts, nuts, and lockwashers and are available unassembled or pre-assembled to suit your particular mounting and loading requirements.

- For special applications, such as an area with limited overhead space, the over-and-under style Crossbar is available. This configuration allows an additional layer of cable to be supported by each Crossbar.

- All Crossbars (standard & over-under) offer universal mounting holes and can, therefore, be used to construct both "Inverted T" and "Trapeze" style systems



Trapeze Mounting

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