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Metal Stamping and Deep Drawing are the backbones of Samtan Engineering's business. Mild steel, stainless steels, aluminum, copper, and brass alloys; Nylon, Mylar, and phenolics; Inconel, Monel, and molybdenum; Samtan has experience with a multitude of materials in an array of thicknesses.




An assortment of typical metal stampings
Typical Metal Stampings






With more than 45 punch presses in operation, ranging in capacity from 3 to 105 tons, the stamping department at Samtan has the flexibility to produce an enormous variety of precision metal stampings; from simple stampings to intricate assemblies. The great variety of our presses in available tonnage, stroke, shut height, bed size, and speed provides us the ability to run an abundance of part shapes & sizes. Capable of short, medium, and long production runs, whatever the requirements of your design, Samtan Engineering has the ability to turn your stamping concept into a reality.

Partial list of our stamping presses:






Open Back Inclinable:





Straight Side:




(7) Bliss
(6) Niagara
(5) V&O
(2) Johnson
(2) Rockford
(2) Walsh
(1) Alva Allen
(1) Canullo
(1) Danly
(1) Federal
(1) L&J
(1) McDonald
(1) Perkins
(1) Pexto
(1) Rouselle
(1) Toledo
(1) Warco

10 - 95 Tons
45 - 105 Tons
10 - 75 Tons
30 - 45 Tons
50 Tons
10 - 65 Tons
25 Tons
90 Tons
45 Tons
60 - 75 Tons
50 Tons
15 Tons
75 Tons
60 Tons
7 Tons
50 Tons
50 Tons

(1) Bliss
Bench Mounted:
(2) Benchmaster
(3) V&O
75 Tons
5 Tons
3 Tons


Deep Drawing Food Services Buffet Pan
 Buffet Pan



          DEEP DRAWING 


Our combination of multiple-action draw presses and punch presses equipped with draw cushions allows Samtan Engineering to produce an array of deep drawings. With 5 mechanical and 3 hydraulic double-action draw presses, ranging in capacity from 50 to 550 tons, our draw department is capable of producing parts of diverse sizes and complexity. In addition to the large part capability of our multiple action presses, our complement of 8 draw cushion-equipped OBI punch presses provides us the capacity to economically produce smaller drawn parts as well. We routinely draw parts of all shapes and sizes, from a 3/8" cylindrical shell to a 30" long buffet pan. For drawn parts: large or small, low quantity or high volume, Samtan Engineering has the equipment and experience to fulfill your requirements.

Partial list of our deep drawing presses



(5) Bliss
(1) HPM
(1) HPM
(1) Lake Erie
50 - 125 Tons
175 Tons
550 Tons
500 Tons


Capacity Deep Drawing Press
550 Ton Capacity Deep Drawing Press



Multiple Draw Automotive Housing
12" Deep X 18" Diameter Multiple Draw Automotive Housing




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